Tungsten Carbide – Cobalt (WC-Co) materials  are currently widely used  in Thermal Spraying coating for a wear resistant applications but:

Currently the surface engineering processes are based on the extended use of tungsten-carbide- cobalt-chromium solid powder (WCCoCr alloy). WCCoCr is indeed the most common spray coating feedstock viable for thermal spraying systems (HVOF-HVAF) to provide wear resistance thick coatings.Thanks to the Mechanomade® powder technology by MBN, the industrial production route for innovative green nanostructured cermets powders for thermal spraying will allow to deliver improved wear resistance and corrosion inhibition, compared to currently available alternatives to Co- and WC-based cermets.

The BoosT innovative nanostructured materials and coatings will enable the industrial deployment of effective solutions in terms of costs savings, securing raw materials sources and replacement of toxic materials.

Novel materials developed among BoosT project are Cermets  composed by  Iron and Titanium metal s (Fe, Ti) combined with carbides as Titanium and Silicon carbides (TiC, SiC)

BoosT powders are  produced by MBN proprietary technology  Mechanomade® , that allows the manufacturing of nanostructured materials with oustanding properties

BoosT Project